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AD: user password change: access is denied

A user tries to change his password from his workstation and get’s a ‘access denied’ message. open active directory users and computers find the user and open it’s properties select the ‘account’ tab check if the option ‘user cannot change password’ is selected (if so, de-select it)

O365: delivery restriction Distribution Group

If you have a synced distributiongroup from your on-premise environment to your office 365 environment and you can not send from an external account to your distribution group, it might be because only authenticated users” are able to send to this address. Changing this inside your Exchange O365 portal  will result in: The action ‘Set-DistributionGroup’,… Read More »

Configuring SharePoint published reports for email delivery

Today someone wanted to give himself a subscription on a SharePoint published report. When he right clicked on the report and chose “manage subscription”, the email option wasn’t there (See screenshot below).   To get this functionality is something really simple. Just configure your reporting server with email functionality by using the Reporting Services Configuration… Read More »