Powershell: Set default printer based on IP address

Simple – quick and dirty’ Powershell script to change your default printer based on the location where you are (i.e. @home or @work)


O365: delivery restriction Distribution Group

If you have a synced distributiongroup from your on-premise environment to your office 365 environment and you can not send from an external account to your distribution group, it might be because only authenticated users” are able to send to this address. Changing this inside your Exchange O365 portal  will result in: The action ‘Set-DistributionGroup’,… Read More »

PowerShell: updating AD photo for use in Office 365

I wanted to add a photo to every user in our Office 365 environment, so it is visible within our Lync software. Normally I would think I would go to Lync, open op “Tools” and then “Options”, select My Picture and change it. But in Lync 2013 the “Edit or Remove Picture” is grayed out.… Read More »

PowerShell: Import Scheduled Task

Some powershell I needed to import some scheduled tasks (xml files). Just for my own reference

Changing an Office 365 User Principal Name with Powershell

It is very ease to change your login name in Office 365 if you have PowerShell for office 365 (x86 version, x64 Version) installed. First connect to Office 365

Enter your Credentials, and then issue the next command:

Amazon Powershell Tools

The amazon Powershell Tools have arrived: http://aws.amazon.com/powershell/578 commands When first starting your AWS Powershell Tools, you have to specify your Access Key and you Secret Access Key. They are then stored for future sessions.You can also create another set of stored Credentials.

SET1 is a name you can give to identify your credentialsYou can… Read More »

PowerShell: Counting Files older than today (little mistake)

Today I had to count the number of XML files inside a folder. Simple, I thought. I created the following script:

After executing it gave me an empty return (??). I was sure there was one older xml file in D:… So to test again, I copied 15 other (older) XML files to D:.… Read More »