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Powershell: copy files based on date

To copy files from a certain date to a different folder you can use the following PowerShell command:

PowerShell: compare 2 directory’s

Comparing two directory’s and listing the differences

  Original source: Jeff’s Blog

Powershell: Set default printer based on IP address

Simple – quick and dirty’ Powershell script to change your default printer based on the location where you are (i.e. @home or @work)


PowerShell: Import Scheduled Task

Some powershell I needed to import some scheduled tasks (xml files). Just for my own reference

Changing an Office 365 User Principal Name with Powershell

It is very ease to change your login name in Office 365 if you have PowerShell for office 365 (x86 version, x64 Version) installed. First connect to Office 365

Enter your Credentials, and then issue the next command:

PowerShell: Moving files into subfolder based on date

A script to move files from one directory to another and ordering them in subdirectory in the destination folder. The subdirectory name is bases on the date of the file, thus ordering all files with the same date in the same subdirectory. In the example below, only the XML files will be moved

PowerShell: moving my photo’s up one folder

My photo directory existed in the following structure:<Drive>:<YEAR PHOTO WAS TAKEN><DAY OF PHOTO> I didn’t want that anymore, I just wanted the following structure: <Drive>:<YEAR PHOTO WAS TAKEN> For that I created a little powershell script: